I want to make sure my voice is heard.

Get Counted

Completing your census form and registering to vote are the two most important things you can do during this crisis.

The 2020 Census

The United States Census happens every ten years. You probably already knew that. But did you know that the coronavirus stimulus funds from the government are being allocated based on census data? Did you know that government funds for roads, bridges, and other infrastructure improvements are also allocated based on the census? Did you know that your representation in Atlanta, Montgomery, and in Washington is defined by the census? Did you also know that every citizen is required by law to complete it?

There are thousands of ways the census is important to your everyday life, and now is the time to be counted. It is quick. It is easy. And you can do it online. Simply follow the link below, enter your information, answer a few questions, and you’re done. No follow ups. No knocks at your door. No sharing of your personal information. That’s all it takes for you to make a difference in how our region grows and changes over the next ten years. So what are you waiting for? Let’s count you in!

Federal Online Census Form

Register to Vote

On November 3rd – crisis or not – we will hold an election as prescribed by our Constitution. Your voice matters. Think about all the things you’ve experienced during the last few months. Now think about how your elected officials have responded, both good and bad. This fall, you will have a chance to express your opinion. You will have a chance to clearly say how you feel. You will have a chance to vote.

Registration is easy, and it will take you only a few minutes online. Coupled with your census response, it may take twenty minutes of your day. Twenty minutes to take a stand. Twenty minutes to officially become a part of the democratic system that our country was founded upon. Twenty minutes to be the change you want to see in the world. Why not spend the next few minutes of your time at home, right now, registering to make the biggest difference you can make? Come November, we want our region to be heard in our state capitols and in Washington D.C.

Do your part to make a difference. Register to vote today!

Alabama Online Voter Registration

Georgia Online Voter Registration